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We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals who have contributed to reviews and evaluations of journal articles: Nancy Felipe Russo, Sarah S. Fraley, Linda J. Beckman, Juanita Rubio, and Farnaz Namin.

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  > Improving Access to Emergency Contraception for Female Adolescents
By Jessica L. Barnack
  > Visualising abortion: emotion discourse and fetal imagery in a contemporary abortion debate (Downloadble PDF file - 230Kb)
By Nick Hopins, Suzanne Zeedyk and Fiona Raitt

This article, published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, is posted here with kind permission of the authors.
  > Medical Versus Surgical Abortion: Social Determinants of 'Choice'
By Gail Pheterson
  > Violence and the Psychological Effects of Abortion
  > Abortion and Mental Health: Studies based on the National Longitudinal Study of Youth
  > The Psychological Effects of First Trimester Abortion
  > The Psychological Effects of Abortion for Adolescents
  > Abortion, Reproductive History and Substance Abuse
  > Abortion and its Health Effects
By Henry P. David and Ellie Lee
  > The Context for the Development of 'Post-Abortion Syndrome'
By Ellie Lee
  > Abortion Psychological Sequelae: the debate and the research
By Ellie Lee and Dr Anne Gilchrist
  > The Construction of 'Woman' in Abortion Services
By Maxine Lattimer
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