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This area of Psychological Issues supports the dissemination and application of findings from empirical research. To view a list of all articles on this Research issues click here. The major goals are to enhance:

  • Knowledge of current research on abortion and related reproductive health issues.
  • Clinical services and social policy that are informed by empirical data.

The scope of topics covers all psychosocial aspects of abortion and closely related areas. Formats include critical summaries of research articles and integrative reviews of relevant topics. Two content areas currently highlighted are:

  • Psychological effects of abortion.
  • Acceptability of early abortion methods.

Other representative content areas include:

  • Psychological and sociocultural influences on decision-making about unwanted pregnancy.
  • Attitudes toward abortion and public policy.
  • Psychosocial effects of legislation that limits access to abortion and other reproductive health services.
  • Linkages between gendered violence, unintended pregnancy, unwanted childbearing and abortion.
  • Effectiveness of pre-and post-abortion counseling and service delivery options.


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