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  > Pregnancy counselling in Britain: a review of the literature
By Ellie Lee
July, 2011
  > Debating abortion in therapy culture
By Ellie Lee
October, 2008
  > Abortion and its mental health 'risks'
By Ellie Lee
October, 2006
  > Justice Denied: Violations of Women's Reproductive Rights in the United States Prison System
By Rachel Roth
September, 2004
  > Abortion Policy and Women's Sexual and Reproductive Lives in Romania
By Daniela Draghici
July, 2004
  > Getting the Word Out About Emergency Contraceptive Pills
By Linda J. Beckman, Ph.D.
April, 2004
  > We Cannot Be Silent about the Misleading "Silent No More" Campaign
By Linda J. Beckman, Ph.D.
January 3, 2003
  > Reflections on abortion and psychology: the hidden issues
By Professor Mary Boyle
September 2002
  > Abortion, mental distress, and litigation
By Ellie Lee
June 14, 2002
  > When Pregnancies are Unwanted
By Nancy Felipe Russo and Henry P. David
May 03, 2002
  > Review: From abortion to contraception: A resource to public policies and reproductive behavior in Central and Eastern Europe from 1917 to the present
Review author S. Marie Harvey
  > Review: Stolen Women: Reclaiming Our Sexuality, Taking Back Our Lives
Review authors Juanita Rubio, Heather Terrell, and Nancy Felipe Russo
  > Review: The New Civil War: The Psychology, Culture and Politics of Abortion
Review author Joan C. Chrisler
  > Feminist politics and abortion in the US
A discussion with Judith Arcana
  > 'Post-abortion syndrome' debated this week
By Ellie Lee
July 16, 2000
  > Anti-abortion activity
By Ellie Lee
June 20, 2000
  > RCOG findings on the psychological effects of abortion are 'a breath of fresh air', say researchers
Press release from Pro-Choice Forum
March 13, 2000
  > Pro-Life 'Counselling' centres
By Ellie Lee
November 12, 1999
  > Decision time for German bishops
By Clare Murphy
March 30, 1999
  > The Psychological Sequelae of Abortion: Myths and Facts
A Symposium held on May 31, Berne, Switzerland
  > 'She said'
By Judith Arcana
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