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Psychological Issues
  The goal of this section of the Pro-Choice Forum website is to increase research-based knowledge and informed opinion about the psychological aspects of abortion and related reproductive health issues among representatives of advocacy organizations, service providers, policy makers, researchers, journalists and interested lay persons.

The section is designed to serve an educational function for its audience. Consumers of reproductive health services might find this information of interest, but it is not intended to be therapeutic.

Cross-national and cross-cultural research and commentary is included from the US and the UK. Psychological Issues emphasizes feminist scholarship and practice, promotes policies that advance equality and social justice and support the aims of the Pro-Choice Forum.

Psychological Issues is sponsored by the Society for the Psychology of Women - Division 35 of the American Psychological Association.

For more information about the Society visit their website at http://www.apa.org/divisions/div35/

The Psychological Issues section includes:
  • Critical summaries of the research literature.
  • Reviews and updates of recently published books and articles.
  • Commentaries on best practices in counseling and other psychological service provision.
  • Commentaries, analysis and opinion pieces that take a psychological perspective concerning recent events.
  • Notices about upcoming conferences and meetings.
  • Reports summarizing recent conferences and meetings.

Content areas include:

  • The psychological effects of abortion and its alternatives as they are expressed in diverse contexts and among diverse groups.
  • The effects of the sociopolitical context on availability and quality of abortion and related reproductive health services and the psychological well-being of women who seek abortion.
  • The psychosocial effects of laws, statutes and regulations that limit women's access to legal abortion.
  • Cultural, intrapersonal and interpersonal factors that influence decision-making about pregnancy resolution.
  • The linkages between gendered violence, unintended pregnancy, and abortion.
  • The roles of sexism, racism and classism in limiting access of women to abortion and related reproductive health services.
  • Clinical issues involved in pre- and post-abortion counseling and psychotherapy including the development of multicultural counseling proficiency.

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