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Opinion, Comment & Reviews
  > Contraceptive decisions are a matter of individual choice, says Judge
By Ellie Lee
April 19, 2002
  > Comment on SPUC judicial review verdict
By British Pregnancy Advisory Service
April 18, 2002
  > In praise of the Pill
By Jennie Bristow
March 06, 2002
  > SPUC legal challenge on Emergency Contraception
By Ellie Lee
February 13, 2002
  > SPUC and emergency contraception
By Ellie Lee
May 04, 2001
  > ECPs in Schools
By Ellie Lee
January 10, 2001
  > Emergency Contraception to be available 'over the counter'
By Ellie Lee
December 11, 2000
  > The Emergency Contraceptive Newsletter
November 12, 2000
  > 'Pro-Life' double standards
By Ellie Lee
November 11, 2000
  > Sex over the counter
By Ann Furedi
May 24, 2000
  > Good news for women: emergency contraception can be reclassified as a pharmacy medicine
By Ellie Lee
May 19, 2000
  > Emergency contraception, over-the-counter provision, and Tony Blair's 'moral concerns'
By Ellie Lee
March 3, 2000
  > Pill should be available 'over-the-counter' says its inventor
News release from Pro-Choice Forum
February 2, 2000
  > Schering launches new Emergency Contraceptive Pill
By Ellie Lee
February 2, 2000

France: Government to introduce Emergency Contraception in Schools
By Jean-Francois Andre
January 11, 2000

  > Over the counter emergency contraception in Manchester
By Ellie Lee
January 10, 2000
  > Brook to provide emergency contraception in advance
By Maxine Lattimer
November 12, 1999
  > New study of contraceptive use
By Ellie Lee
October 18, 1999
  > Advance prescribing emergency contraception
By Maxine Lattimer
July 8, 1999
  > The contraceptive pill is legalised in Japan
By Maxine Lattimer
June 2, 1999
  > Teenage sexual health and sex education
By Maxine Lattimer
May 15, 1999
  > Norplant Contraceptive Implant Withdrawn
By Maxine Lattimer
April 30, 1999
  > Advice on pill safety that led to the 1995 pill scare is reversed
By Maxine Lattimer
April 7, 1999
  > Emergency contraception: why the law should make it available 'over the counter'
By Dr Melanie Latham
March 12, 1999
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