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Abortion services
  > Induced abortion: rights, technology and delivery of care
By Jennie Bristow
June 03, 2009
  > What's wrong with 'do-it-yourself' abortions?
By Ann Furedi, chief executive bpas
June 05, 2006
  > Why abortion clinics won't be building barricades
By Ann Furedi, chief executive, bpas
May 11, 2006
  > Marie Stopes International lets women down
By Ellie Lee
April 03, 2005
  > New report on teenagers and abortion
By Joseph Rowntree Foundation
June 30, 2004
  > New plans for extending access to medical abortion in England and Wales
By Ellie Lee
July 08, 2002
  > Gynaecology in France: how can access to services and quality of care be achieved?
By Jean -François André
October 20, 2000
  > Medical abortion in America
By Kirsten Moore
September 29, 2000
  > Abortion and breast cancer
By Ellie Lee
August 17, 2000
  > New evidence-based guideline: The Care of Women Requesting Abortion
By Ellie Lee
March 13, 2000
  > Marie Stopes survey of GP attitudes to abortion
By Maxine Lattimer
June 1999
  > RU486 in Germany
By Clare Murphy
  > Abortion information and advocacy kit
By the Public Health Association's Women's Health Special Interest Group
May 3, 1999
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