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Opinion, Comment & Reviews
Abortion law
  > Whither abortion Policy in Britain?
Podcast with the BMJ's Duncan Jarvies and Ellie Lee February 2013
  > Myths and Misconceptions about the British Abortion Law
July 2012
  > Abortion for reason of sex: correcting some basic misunderstandings of the law
By Sally Sheldon
1 March 2012
  > Open letter of support for doctors who provide abortion services
Press Release
28 February 2012
  > Why we should modernize the abortion law
By Professor Sally Sheldon
17 October 2008
  > 24 reasons for 24 weeks
By Jennie Bristow
May 2008
  > The 1967 Abortion Act: Four reasons to fight for choice
By Ellie Lee
October 22, 2007
  > Repeal all abortion laws
By Joyce Arthur, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada
October, 2007
  > Position paper on late term abortions
By Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada
October, 2007
  > Review of Vera Drake
By David Haviland
January 14, 2005
  > When Vera Drakes were everywhere
By Ann Furedi
January 14, 2005
  > Briefing note on late abortion
By bpas
July 16, 2004
  > We still need abortion as early as possible, as late as necessary
By Ellie Lee
July 08, 2004
  > Not in front of the parents
By Jennie Bristow
May 19, 2004
  > 30 years after Roe v. Wade: Lessons about Abortion from the San Francisco Nine
By Carole Joffe
January 2003
  > Why abortion law matters
By Ellie Lee
October 23, 2002
  > The Abortion Act 1967 - 35th anniversary
The Guardian
October 12, 2002
  > SPUC and the morning-after pill saga
By Barbara Hewson
June 28, 2002
  > Swiss vote for legal abortion
Press release from SVSS
June 04, 2002
  > Abortion and Breast Cancer
By Victoria Tepe
March 28, 2002
  > New blow to women's rights
By Linda Watson-Brown
July 20, 2001
  > Abortion debate goes from secrecy and stigma to a pack of lies
By Linda Watson Brown
May 14, 2001
  > Should men have rights in abortion?
By David Nolan
March 21, 2001
  > Never Too Late
By Ann Furedi
February 23, 2001
  > Don't mention the A-Word?
By Ellie Lee
January 24, 2001
  > Abortion in Swizerland
Press release from USPDA
September 22, 2000
  > Women in Swizerland may soon obtain the right to decide for themselves whether or not to have an abortion
Press Release from USPDA
April 7, 2000
  > Republicans shun the 'A' word ...but that has not stoppedthem from opposing abortion in practice
By David Nolan
November 3, 1999
  > Woman who sued anti-abortion doctor over brain-damaged son loses her court fight
By Maxine Lattimer
March 31, 1999
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