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Abortion law
  > Canada: The Civilized Outlaw
By Joyce Arthur
  > The fetal pain debate
By Dr Stuart Derbyshire, Assistant Professor of Radiology and Anesthesiology University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  > Women's perceptions of abortion law and practice in Britain, 2002
A survey by BMRB Social Research for Marie Stopes International

PDF downloadable file - (662Kb)
  > Legal Issues for Pro-Choice Opinion - Abortion Law in Practice
February 2002
  > Defending abortion - in law and practice
By Ann Furedi and Ellie Lee
  > Abortion, ethics and the law: issues for the new millennium.
Pro-Choice Forum
  > The Human Rights Act 1998 and 'Fetal Rights' - a new threat to women's autonomy?
By Barbara Hewson, barrister, Littman Chambers
  > Ethics and British Abortion Law
By Emily Jackson, lecturer in law, London School of Economics
  > Ethics and abortion law
By Dr Janet Radcliffe-Richards
  > Changes to Western Australia's Abortion Law in 1998
By Dr Kylie Stephen
  > Why Legal Abortion Matters
By Maxine Lattimer and Jenny Davey
  > The Construction of 'Woman' in Abortion Law
By Sally Sheldon
  > Abortion - Whose Rights?
By James Heartfield
  > Feminist Principles meet Political Reality: the case of the National Abortion Campaign
By Dr Lesley Hoggart
  > 'Don't mention the 'A'-Word: Why can't the truth be told about abortion?'
By Ellie Lee, John Parsons, Frances Kissling and Ann Furedi
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