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What's New

Whither abortion Policy in Britain?

Podcast with the BMJ's Duncan Jarvies and Ellie Lee more here.



'Myths and Misconceptions about the British Abortion Law: a meeting about recent events and debates'

This event was held on Wednesday 27th June 2012, at The Medical Society of London. Watch the event on You Tube and find out more here.



Abortion for reason of sex: correcting some basic misunderstandings of the law

Sally Sheldon, Professor of Law at the University of Kent, writes in response to the recent misleading representations of the British abortion law. Read on here.



Open letter of support for doctors who provide abortion services

In the face of the Daily Telegraph’s attempt to entrap and discredit a number of doctors who provide abortions, we would like to express our support for all those doctors who are willing to provide abortion referrals in the UK and all health professionals who provide safe abortion services. Read on here.



Pregnancy counselling in Britain: a review of the literature

Frank Field MP and Nadine Dorries MP are seeking to take away from abortion providers their role in providing women with information and counselling. So far, it it is unclear exactly what problem these MPs consider exists and how they think other arrangements would make things better. In 1998, Pro Choice Forum brought together some of those who had spent time thinking about this area at a conference held in Oxford, 'Issues in pregnancy counselling: what do women need and want?'. This commentary revisits and summarises some of the main issues and themes raised at that event and in the relevant literature on the subject published subsequently...



Late abortion: the new clash in the Choice Wars

Ann Furedi, Chief Executive of British Pregnancy Advisory Serive, takes to task those who claim that a grisly late-abortion clinic in the US shows we must restrain women's reproductive freedom.



Fetal Pain Again

Read this commentary on the recent report from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) on fetal awareness, written by Stuart Derbyshire, Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, and member of the RCOG Working Party that authored the report.



'Green' family planning: where should we stand?

Should women be encouraged to restrict the number of children they have on environmentalist grounds? Those advocating this view go to great lengths to argue that theirs is a non-coercive perspective that seeks to empower women. Indeed they argue it is in line with pro-choice arguments for better access to contraception and abortion worldwide. Is this an argument that that pro-choice people should accept? For discussion of these issues read on here.



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