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  Abortion information and advocacy kit
The Public Health Association's Women's Health Special Interest Group has published an information and advocacy kit 'The Regulation of Abortion in Australia-public health perspectives' which has been circulated to all federal and state MPs.
May 3, 1999

The kit consists of seven thoroughly researched fact sheets:

1. The global context of abortion
2. Family planning and fertility control
3. Abortion and women's health
4. Health impact of criminal codes on abortion
5. Public health principles and practice
6. Education and training of doctors, nurses and others
7. Public health frameworks for abortion

This kit was very successfully used in Western Australia to lobby politicians, inform the media and other interested parties when abortion law was under threat. It is also useful for tertiary and secodary students interested in abortion policy and those interested in lobbying for the decriminalisation of abortion.

It can be downloaded free from our website :

You simply click on latest news.
There is also a link to our abortion policy. If you would like to buy the actual published, glossy pack, it can be obtained for $10.00 from :
Public Health Association of Australia Inc,
PO Box 319,
ACT 2605
or email: pha@pha.org.au
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