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What is PCF?

This website is designed for those who have an interest in social, legal and ethical aspects of abortion and related issues. The site includes a special section, 'Psychological Issues', where you will find research papers and comment articles about the relationship of abortion to women's mental health, and also practice issues in abortion care.

Pro-Choice Forum (PCF) began life in 1997. Its founder Ellie Lee had just started work for her doctoral thesis at Kent University, looking at the debate around mental health and abortion and was beginning to read more academic work about this and associated subjects. Having previously been involved pro-choice campaigns about abortion law, and having done some work with pro-choice advocacy groups, she was keen to find ways of generating interaction between the world of academic research and those of advocacy and service provision. So she organised a conference with other students held at Oxford University called 'Abortion Law in Britain, What do Women Need and Want?'. This very successful event formed the basis for the book Abortion Law and Politics Today (1998, Macmillan).

Since the late 1990s, Ellie has continued to co-ordinate PCF, while working following completion of her PhD at the Universities of Southampton and Kent. PCF has organised many lectures, debates and conferences over this time, which have continued to generate interaction between academics and other constituencies. In the 2000s, the main foci for the work of PCF have been the debate on 'late' abortion and the issue of abortion and mental health

PCF is a member of the network of pro choice organisations Voice for Choice. However unlike other members it has no staff or formal structure. It does not seek to campaign or provide services. It is simply an informal network of academics who commonly believe in the importance of reproductive choice and seek to bring their thoughts and research to bear in a useful way for contemporary society.

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